Frequently Asked Questions

We recommend you promote the sale at $20.00 (NOTE: these bottles are known to sell at much higher prices though) From this sale price approx $7.00 profit goes to your school and $1 is paid from the wholesale price to Kidney Kids NZ Charity.

Absolutely, we are also happy to include another charities logo on the bottles as long as it meets the minimum order requirement of 1000 units. The profits earned by the school is able to be allocated to any project or charity that the school decide.

Yes, we will provide a free countertop display unit for each participating school to place at their reception counter so that the bottles can be displayed and sold all year round.

If you know a business that would like to partner with/support this awesome campaign, they are welcome to have a countertop display unit. The cost is $45.00 including GST per unit and they will be available to order via the website. Ideally, these will be placed on a retail or reception counter where there is potential for a high turnover of bottles which will offset any cost and lead to ongoing sales for the nominated school.

NOTE: Any additional countertop displays required (apart from the one issued to each school as part of the campaign) can be ordered online and will be delivered along with the bottle orders in November. Businesses that would like to sell the bottles on behalf of your school are welcome to sell them at a higher price so they can make their own profit, this way the display units can effectively ‘pay for themselves.

Yes, the minimum order required is 1,000 bottles for your school and there is no additional cost for this.

Yes! If you already have similar initiatives in your school, let Walter know and he can help tie it all together in the campaign message for your school.

During the month of September, your school can either place orders online throughout the month or at the end of the month depending on your preferred process internally. At the end of September, we will provide a report for each school of their total order and an invoice will be issued for payment.

NOTE: Countertop display units can also be ordered online along with the number of initial bottles required. Counter Top displays should be purchased where there is potential for ongoing sales to be made which the schools will continue to benefit from.

The bottles will be delivered Late November- perfect timing for the Summer months!

We have endeavoured to find the best quality product providing great value for money. The bottles include the following features and benefits:

  • 100% BPA Free
  • Double Insulated
  • 304 Stainless Steel (18/8)
  • Durable Powder Coating
  • Keeps cold beverages cold for up to 24 hours
  • Keeps hot beverages hot for up to 12 hours

We have a website/online order management system where orders can be entered. Every school will be pre-registered so that every order can be tracked by the following:

  • Participating School
  • Delivery Address
  • Student
  • Class
  • Sold By (Student)
  • Customer Details
  • Bottle Qty
  • Colour

Schools can either enter all orders directly themselves or provide a link to the order form for their students/parents to place their orders directly.

We recommend students label their bottles any way they like, this could be done as follows: Use a vivid pen, label maker, Engraving initials on the lid/underneath

Note: If your school would like special labels made with your student’s names on them or to have an engraver come to your school, give us a call and he will assist you with this.

Absolutely! Get the community involved! Talk to Walter about providing video content from each school visit to help create more momentum during the campaign by pushing out via Social Media.

Yes, please email us at will arrange a visit to your school and conduct an onsite Water Needs Analysis. This will provide a customised solution depending on your students and school needs. Some of the units even have a counter that shows how many plastic bottles you have saved from being introduced into the planet, a great way to reinforce the “REFILL NOT LANDFILL” message!

Absolutely, we are making this something that you can benefit from all year round. If your school is wanting more bottles with your school logo on them to sell throughout the year, please include this in your order and we will happily make this happen for you. The placement of countertop displays is a great way to facilitate sales all year round.

PROMOKING is providing two prizes valued at $4000 each which can be in the form of a School Family Fun Day or it can be incorporated into your School Gala. Both options will provide the school with another great fundraising opportunity. Prizes are rewarded based on the following criteria:

PRIZE 1: Highest Student Participation

The School with the “Highest Student Participation” (based on % per head count)

PRIZE: School/Family Fun Day – VALUED AT $4,000

PRIZE 2: Most Innovative Sales Approach

The School that demonstrates the “Most Innovative” way to sell the Bottles and spread the sustainability message.

PRIZE: School/Family Fun Day – VALUED AT $4,000

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